Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Sweet treats of different flavoured dainty cuppies


Liyana_J said...

Assalamualaikum dr Jun,

This is Liyana, one of your ex-student in biotechnology. I still remember your treat of yummy chocolate cakes. Thanks for the treats. All the foods and cakes in this blog look yummy and delicious. Nanti tah I order one of the cakes. Cupcakes nya lawa-lawa.

Dr jun, i want to bake a cake here (at canada) but i cant find ovallette. Can i bake a cake without ovallette?


Jun'sTreats said...

Thanks! How did u manag to see my blog? Of course I remember u, how is ur study? Keep checking d blog I update when I got time.
I dont use ovallete in my cakes, eggs are natural emulsifier so u dont need ovalette, happy baking:))
Dr Jun