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Monday, August 8, 2011

Cutting the cake

Face of innocence

The feast begins

Shall I cut some more?
I am trying to upload more photos but it is not responding, maybe I will do it later when the internet is in a better mood. See you all later.

More cakes

Buffet for my son's birthday

Some of the dessert for the birthday
Kaafi's birthday cake

Lightning McQueen

Birthday song


Box cake for my cousin's 39th wedding anniversary


Mini cuppies on top of moist choc cake

A two tier wedding cake, chocolate carrot cake

Cakes and cuppies

The dome seems to take ages to harden

The mosque was inspired by our local Jame Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque, just a few km from where I live
Multi coloured flowers for the wedding cuppies
I only have about 4 days to do this mosque...phewww managed to finish it on time
Box of cuppies for 'malam berbedak' it is customary for the host, parents of the bride or bridegroom to give a gift to the guest during the ceremony
A cake requested by my son who is leaving Brunei to join his parents in Dubai, I think

Many berries cuppies for my friend

The 'malam berbedak' cuppies

More cakes

This is a 'kek hantaran' for a customer's son
Sports theme cake, I somehow put an extra stripe on the black nike

A pink bicycle birthday cake
The pink bicycle with rainbow colour wheels

Takahiro, my newly acquired mainecoon baby :)
Sorry for the quality of these pictures, rather blur. This is a birthday cake for my friend's daughter.
I found this flower on the roadside while I was jogging. It is an interesting flower, the plant is a creeper and grow wild mostly on fences and grass verge. It actually belongs to the same family as the passion fruit.

suzuki cake....I am not very happy with this one

This is a sugar flower I made based on the previous flower I found on the road side.

My birthday feast and prezzies

My maids kindly cook me all these food for my birthday lunch, bless their souls

BBQ chicken, lamb chops, prawns, satay and the special yellow rice.
A baking book from my youngest son :)

Birthday greeting cards from the man and boys in my life, and oh yes the MavBook Air from my so beloved husband

Another birthday surprise from my maids....tea with choc moist cake

Assalamualaikum and Ramadhan Mubarak

The first time making macarons, oh boy I tried three times before I managed to get those feet..phewww
Story book for my niece's daughter
Purple guitar for my niece's daughter
My apologies, I have not been able to update my blog for a long time. I have been busy with orders and home duties etc.... life has changed for me. I am now retired since my last birthday in April this year. I found myself enjoying this new life and surprisingly does not miss work at all.
I was looking at my neglected blog this morning after sahur and feels guilty of not updating. So here are the photos of my work since my last post.

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