Sunday, October 26, 2008


Had some friends over for lunch today, and here are some of the goodies that I served

Ref 53
Ayam rica rica on bed of couscous

Ref 52
Fried fish and mango

Ref 51
My mum special fried meat recipe

Ref 50
Meat cooked in 'bukhari' spices

Ref 49
Soft tofu in oyster sauce n veg

Ref 48
Sambal Telur

Ref 47
Indonesian salad - keredok

Ref 46
Serunding udang kering

Ref 45
A plateful of yummy cuppies
Ref 44
Sweet treats of different flavoured dainty cuppies

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have been away for a month and I am back. First of all I would like to thank all my friends who have ordered their favourite choc moist for their raya n birthdays celebration, thanx v much for your support dear friends. And Yati HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, hope you like the b'day cake decor and enjoy the cake...

I have missed the baking part while I was abroad. But now that I am home, back to my exciting past time. Here I have put up some photos of dainty cupcakes with different flavours. I made these dainty cuppies for raya order.

Ref 43
This is a choc cake with smooth choc ganache sprinkled with chopped nuts and I also have those with white choc bits. . Minimum order 2 doz..

Ref 42
This lavender cupcake.. yes lavender, I used real lavender flower which gives this cake a unique flavour and it is toppped with pretty colours. This one is in pink! . Minimum order 2 doz..

Ref 41
This is a coconut cupcake topped with minty icing with choc bits. It has a refreshing bite to it. It costs 60 cents... Minimum order 2 doz. If you want a choc cake to go with the icing...

Ref 40
Dainty pistachio cuppie with pretty pink icing decorated with sugar balls ... Minimum order.... 2 doz

Ref 39
The 'dark knight' choc cuppie topped with cookie n cream, ... Minimum order 2 doz

Ref 38
Vanilla cuppie with colourful buttercream, I dont do this design anymore cos I run out of the little sugar fish...but I can do rossette for order.. . Minimum order 2 doz.

Ref 37
A pistachio cuppie with creamy smooth choc ganache sprinkled with nuts, .. Minimum order ... 2 doz

On my next post I will try to list the other cuppie flavours I can do for order.