Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sweets for my sweetheart

Not the Red velvet cupcake filled with black cherry n choc, n cream, drizzled with homemade mix berries conserve n topped with strawberry (when available...heh heh )

Another version of 124 but with chocolate cake n without the mix berries conserve-

The same concept as 123 & 124-
Not the  red velvet cuppies laced with two flavours of icing, cream and gooey choc n decorated with colourful sprinkles n strawberry- 120
NRV with choc, cream n black cherry n topped with sprinkles-
NRV with chocolate, mint icing n strawberry n more choc

Lastly a gooey choc topped NRV with cream n cherry filling n of course more chocolate
Made these cupcakes especially for my husband, all the cuppies are filled with either cream or black cherry gel

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